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Analysis of the influence of hardware accessories on the taste of furniture

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Nowadays, household life is more and more important to the individual, the comfort level of household is higher and higher. Now people want to live in a lazy style of life to demand that the hardware is more and more humanized, intelligent. The position of hardware in household is so important, but domestic high-end household hardware market and the brand market of high profit are mostly imported hardware enterprise occupation. Famous brand of home furniture and cabinet hardware accessories are largely import hardware companies such as BaiLong, Heidi poem that European companies do, use German or Italian furniture hardware accessories is second only to the strengths of the plank.

According to the expert introduction of international household, the quality and grade of furniture are mainly reflected in the choice of hardware fittings. The furniture USES inconveniences, in a large extent because the hardware fittings of furniture chooses improper or lack to cause. "As long as there are hardware accessories, very complex multi-functional furniture can be made," the industry said. Industry personage says, the value of hardware fittings in furniture is 5%, but the operation is comfortable but make up 85%. Visible hardware fittings is in furniture importance. Household hardware according to the setting can be divided into general and special two categories, the former includes hinge, hinge, slippery course, the latter includes bathroom hardware and kitchen pendant. Hinge, slide rail, hinge and lock are the most frequently used in life, and therefore more important. In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of consumer demand, more demand and higher requirements for hardware fittings have been put forward.

Home hardware is more emphasis on its mechanical properties, rustproof, moisture-proof, the fatigue performance of the active parts. In today's domestic outfit increasingly demand personalization and integrity, household hardware in addition to satisfying the above functional, but also the decoration and let a person shine at the moment and the overall integrity of form a complete set of domestic outfit style. Take the shake handshandle of the most common, in addition to the stainless steel hand salad on the market at present, there are black, tan, light chrome, pearl nickel plus transparent lacquer, on modelling, with European style, Chinese style, regular, abnormity and so on, can meet all kinds of consumer demand.

Unify international household experts also noted that, as a result of the action of furniture hardware on furniture is no longer just decoration activity components and parts, its function is more and more strong, involved area is becoming more and more wide, to furniture manufacturing enterprises to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, improve product quality, enhance the competitiveness of the domestic and foreign markets, regulations benefits have played a positive role. With the development and progress of industrial technology, furniture production has been developed from previous workshops to mechanized mass production. Hardware accessories have higher requirements for versatility, interchangeability, functionality and decoration. The diversification of the base material, the structural reform and the use function increase.

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