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China's hardware industry: the transformation from "the manufacturing country to the manufacturing power"

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China's hardware industry after more than 30 years of efforts, has become a veritable hardware big country, after joining the WTO, with the reduction of import tariffs on foreign high-quality hardware products will enter China's hardware enterprises from the "hardware" of the great powers to "hardware power shift," need to spread the wings of a regional brand and industry.

Hardware processing network emerged.

In recent years, is essential to the economic development of the metal processing industry on the path of online development, can say is inevitable trend of The Times, and the use of the advantages of the mobile Internet, online platform will also lead the industry toward institutionalization, highlyeffective, ordering, security of the new era, the metal processing network arises at the historic moment.

The popularization of smart terminals not only promoted the development of mobile Internet, but also led to the explosive growth of mobile APP application. With the rapid development of real estate in recent years, the hardware processing industry has also rushed into the meng. The metal processing network platform that advantage resources will fundamentally enhance the productivity of hardware enterprises, and bring huge economic benefits to the whole industry, thus improving the country's economic creativity, and extend the sustainable development of metal processing industry.

We will continue to adjust the industrial structure.

International hardware market demand for hardware products in China will gradually change, the quality of Chinese products, packaging, delivery deadline will have higher request, even by 1000 steps to the production process and product development, product and environmental protection, energy resources, humanities environment. Overall, China's hardware industry will continue to adjust the industrial structure, and will maintain the momentum of sustainable development. We can make relevant measures according to the development characteristics of hardware industry and promote the development of hardware industry.

The 12th five-year plan will focus on the "five major shifts" in China's hardware industry. To achieve the transition from a "manufacturing power to a manufacturing power", we must take firm steps towards this goal.

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