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  • Analysis of the influence of hardware accessories on the taste of furniture

    新聞摘要:At present, home life is becoming more and more important to individuals, and the comfort of home is becoming more and more demanding. The lazy style of life that people hope now requires more and more humanized and intelligent hardware. The position of hardware in the home is so important, but the domestic high-end home hardware market and the high profit brand market are mostly occupied by imported hardware enterprises. The famous brand of home furniture and cabinet hardware accessories are imported hardware companies such as Heidi Blum, poetry and other European enterprises undertaken, using Germany or Italy furniture hardware accessories has become the biggest selling point behind the plate.

  • China's hardware industry: the transformation from "the manufacturing country to the manufacturing power"

    新聞摘要:China hardware industry after 30 years of efforts, has become worthy of the name hardware country, after joining WTO, with the lowering of import tariffs, foreign high-quality hardware products will drive straight, Chinese hardware enterprises face the change from "hardware power" to "the power of hardware, need to expand the brand and industry regional wings.

  • Domestic hardware enterprises pay more attention to modern technology

    新聞摘要:China's hardware industry has maintained a rapid development trend since the 90s of last century, and has become a major hardware country in the world. According to statistics, by the end of 2010, the total sales of China's hardware industry reached 1 trillion yuan, and the industry market size reached 800 billion yuan. With the wide application of hardware in the fields of industry and agriculture, this data is constantly being refreshed.

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  • Six kinds of top hardware and hardware traditional kitchen decoration design

    新聞摘要:The role in the kitchen: a contrastive and aesthetic tension is formed when all the items are in harmony with each other. In the case of high gloss, the industrial hand will look more gorgeous

  • Our country hardware lock market why fish long mix?

    新聞摘要:After the big wave to Amoy sand, after a whole washing side to see the powerful person. In the face of the current market of lockable locks, can we also meet the future of lock Market in such a rule? China's hardware locks have been developing for a long time, the market is torn, and the problem of brand confusion has been there.

  • Wooden door hardware industry takes the third line market as the breakthrough.

    新聞摘要:In recent years, the rapid development of wood door hardware industry has brought unlimited business opportunities to the market. Who said hardware is dead plate metal, adding hardware elements into commodities will also become the fashion of commodities. With the rise of prices, the raw materials of our country's wooden door products have also been improved.